The Church’s Extinction Science

Many loving and caring individuals inside the Christian church dedicate their lives within the wrestle to develop scientific medical information for the advantage of the human situation. Nevertheless, most Christians are unaware that President Thomas Jefferson, wrote that Jesus Christ was the best trainer of the third Century BC atomic ‘Science of Common Love’, taught on the Ho Kepos College in historic Athens. That science was in regards to the invisible world of atoms, during which sacred geometry held an evolving moral goal, inside an infinite non secular actuality. The academics of that science had been referred to as saviours, devoted to the best of evolving non secular virtues, particularly the emotion of compassion. From that perspective, the time period, to have religion and all shall be revealed, was about formulating non secular (now holographical) equations and fixing for an unknown, a price in algebra which is known as X.

Whether or not Jefferson was appropriate or not, is immaterial. From that individual scientific standpoint, the traditional ‘Science of Common Love’ will be thought-about to be a Christian legacy, linking arithmetic to a science of infinite moral goal, in reward of a Creator God-like drive belonging to gravity.

The Roman Christian Church in 1600 burnt alive the scientist Giodano Bruno for instructing the ‘Science of common Love’ in England, nevertheless, that science has been discovered to be appropriate with 21st Century quantum biology. The workings of the molecule of emotion evolves compassion by using an infinite fractal logic to generate its improvement inside the workings of an evolving mind/thoughts. Due to the Church’s previous concern and hatred of that science, infinite fractal logic is forbidden to be a part of the dwelling course of. Consequently, quantum mechanics within the 20th Century, sentenced all life to extinction underneath the regulation governing common entropic logic. In historic Greece this motion of the Church would have been seen as worshipping the god of (entropic) chaos, Diabolis, the Satan.

Quantum mechanics solely obeys the common warmth dying regulation, which forbids reasoning in regards to the dwelling course of belonging to the invention of infinite fractal logic. These ideas had been as soon as the area of non secular sacred geometry belonging to the evolution of the immortal soul. Nanotechnology, used to look at the workings of the molecule of emotion, reveals that intuitive infinite fractal logic is a part of an evolutionary course of. This course of is towards existence inside a futuristic holographic state of actuality. Extreme carcinogenic trauma is created by suppressing this pure operate as a way to uphold the present entropic enslavement belonging to world financial rationalism, an entropic idea tolerated by the Church..

Not one mathematical medical equation is tolerated by mainstream science, if it hyperlinks infinite fractal logic to any pure wholesome evolutionary course of. Rushkoff’s guide ‘Current Shock’ pronounces the arrival of Toffler’s ‘Future Shock’,emanating from our enslavement to an excellent industrialised tradition. The brand new guide is in regards to the psychological trauma created by our being overwhelmed by entropic info, that’s now quickly destroying our civilisation.

The reader can simply discover out for themselves that Sir Isaac Newton’s gravitational causes have been categorised, within the title of the Christian faith, because the writings of a criminally insane thoughts. That is such a severe problem that the reader ought to spend time to test it out on the web, then marvel why he, or she, has been taught that Newton’s world-view was in regards to the workings of mechanical universe. By studying Newton’s 28th Question Discussions, they are going to study that the very reverse is true. Individuals have been adversely influenced by the Church for hundreds of years. The nonsense fable about an apple falling on Newton’s head to clarify gravity, is frequent to high school kids all through your complete industrialised world, resulting in what Newton referred to as an absurd pretentious science.

Quantum biology demonstrates that it isn’t pure to blindly settle for that humanity is destined just for extinction and that individuals should grovel in scientific ignorance to church dogma as a way to keep away from it. People are a carbon life type and the neg-entropic properties of carbon have been found this century to argue in any other case. The church has an extended historical past of felony exercise together with 300 years of condoning the sadistic observe of torturing ladies and kids then burning them alive as witches. This act of terrorism made any medical studying in regards to the therapeutic properties of crops, fungi and varied animal substances a forbidden and harmful occupation.

Presently the Australian Authorities is conducting a Royal Fee relating to the broad unfold sexual abuse of youngsters by the Church and the findings are catastrophic. Contemplating such historic proof, now freely accessible, it may be thought-about to be a waste of time to debate with the Christian Church in regards to the ramification of the misplaced atomic ‘Science of Common Love’. Thomas Jefferson and Sir Isaac Newton had been conversant with that science, as being a extra profound facet of early Christian instructing.

Because of the Christian Church’s contamination of science, humanity stands poised on the brink of an atomic World Warfare lll, with no salvation resolution tolerated from inside science itself. How many individuals may even think about that an act of loving compassion will be measured inside the realms of quantum biology? For many who do perceive this, what scholarship grants can be found to them to provide you with the essential scientific options? Harvard College’s 2002 consciousness of the moral contribution to the world of the Golden Age of Danish Science is essential. That Golden Age embraced how electromagnetic forces had been fused into the traditional Greek ‘Science of Common Love’.

© Professor Robert Pope.

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