Make Peace or Transfer Over

Let there be peace on earth, and let it start with me,

Let there be peace on earth, the peace that was meant to be.

With God as our Father, brothers all are we,

Let me stroll with my brother, in excellent concord.

Let peace start with me, let this be the second now,

With each step I take, let this be my solemn vow,

To take every second and stay every second in peace eternally.

Let there be peace on earth, and let it start with me!

Ultimately human beings on this lovely blue and inexperienced planet are going to must determine that peace is a perform of 1 human thoughts at a time. Whether or not God is your Father, Allah, Jesus or Buddha, human minds, one after the opposite and in settlement have to alter for the great and cooperate with a deeper figuring out that if faith will not reveal it to you, quantum physics can. We’re one in the identical and all of us belong to that very same one factor. Each atom in your physique has frolicked in each different life type and individual on the planet and at the moment you’ll inhale a number of the identical ones that leaders all over the world and the poorest of the poor did as properly a couple of weeks or years in the past.

Each atom that makes up our physique was born within the combustion of stars and the physique you bodily have at the moment is just not made up of the stuff it was made up of simply seven years in the past. Your pores and skin is new each thirty days. Your blood is new each three months. Your organs are new yearly and all we do is retain the type of ourselves in ways in which the brand new can substitute the previous. Be good if a nasty liver would disappear in a 12 months, however the type of badness stays and will get changed with badness. Whether it is good, it will get changed with goodness and well being. Plainly and actually, we on this planet are all one and the identical, divided by boundaries, language and faith, however not in our being all one and of the identical one factor.

Peace begins in every coronary heart and thoughts and isn’t one thing you demand of others earlier than demanding it of your self. Everybody….take a look at me! Are you taking a look at me? Put down your rattling weapons. Look your “enemies” within the face. Take a look at their kids. Take a look at the wives, companions and relations. Take heed to their hopes and goals and see how they cry similar to you do when the shit hits their fan, delivered by you maybe.

If I needed to guess what we actually are as people, I would say pure consciousness trapped in a restricted 5 sensed carbon based mostly wetsuit that offers the actual “self” a strategy to get round, stay a life and “see” what actuality is. In fact there are such a lot of methods to see and so many frequencies that we do not see or hear or expertise, so we now have to know that each one we see is just not there may be to see. Generally I remind myself, when my ego is getting in the way in which, that I’m pure aware consciousness having this expertise and looking via these eyes to course of what’s on the market, which is basically not on the market in any respect while you perceive it. All the pieces that appears on the market, is a film of frequency interpretation after it passes via some or all of our 5 senses. It is in our head and seems to be on the market. Or as one individual stated and may give you a large number to consider, “no matter a tree is, it isn’t inexperienced.” Inexperienced is the colour a frequency of mirrored gentle provides our mind to work with after it’s was {an electrical} sign and handed on via the retina to the mind. Frequencies are like bringing films to the theatre to be performed and provides consciousness a pattern of what’s on the market. Though it’s being performed “in right here.” Cool huh?

Keep in mind the query about if a tree falls within the woods and there’s no one there to listen to it, does it make a sound? I assumed that was a joke as a child, however the reply isn’t any, it does not make a sound. It makes waves of frequency because it falls. The sound ONLY happens AFTER the waves go via the eardrums of sentinent beings and are modified from waves to electrical alerts to what we hear as sound. All of it occurs within the head. The world earlier than it reaches our ears is silent. The world earlier than it reaches our eyes is undefined and with out colour and type. And since what we name contact is basically the resistance the atoms in our fingers really feel to issues touched, we by no means ever actually contact something. The texture of contact is the repulsion of contact by forces. You and i’ve by no means “touched” something but in our lives. Now we have felt their push again to allow them to’t be touched. Like pushing the 2 constructive ends of a magnet collectively. We really feel the drive and the “contact” however they do not contact until pressured and even then they do not actually contact. Maybe if we actually touched, on the atomic degree, we would explode into the factor we touched.

The very fact is that in actual methods we’re all ONE and belong to the identical ONE factor. This has nothing to do with faith, the place you grew up on the planet or the hatred you and I had been taught for others not like us. As soon as people can notice we’re all one and the identical with only a only a few distinction in melanin ranges and few tweeks of DNA switches for variations in outward type, maybe we are able to make some progress.

Realizing we’re all one and the identical a part of the one factor may finish the strain all of us are experiencing on the planet. Leaders would cease blustering, threatening and scaring the hell out of us all in the event that they discovered this primary. Maybe trickle down oneness could be a superb factor to debate first earlier than one facet calls for this or that from the opposite, or the opposite facet threatens them with annihilation. If all people share 99.6% of the DNA of a chimp, then maybe Catholics and Protestants, Jews and Gentiles, Shia and Sunni may be only a tad nearer than we notice. Maybe not we would suspect in some instances. I believe the who Center Jap quagmire is merely a household fued between shut cousins anyway. We’re all ONE…ONE! Put down the rattling weapons, knives, RPG’s, bombs and conflicting spiritual memes and lookt one another within the face. We’re all ONE and a part of the One SAME THING. Jerk!

We’ll be taught this lesson a technique or one other. We will “notice it” via clever management, which might imply that a lot of the leaders on the planet must step down and get replaced by academics, not people who suppose they already know all the pieces and may twist all of it to non-public benefit. It means no extra “my God can kick your god’s ass.” The entire Outdated Testomony is the story of the jealous God kicking everybody’s ass into obedience and the New Testomony for Christians is the story of the kinder, gentler Son of the Kick Ass God urging people to show the opposite cheek. Someplace alongside the road one of many gods realized that we’re all ONE and a part of the identical ONE factor. Gods evolve in human understanding.

We want peace. Peace between folks and peace between nations so all can prosper. We want compassion and those that do not have the flexibility to be this manner with others merely want to contemplate your time of affect over. Go get a job and make your thousands and thousands truthfully after which use a few of it to really assist the opposite components of the ONE which can be linked to you whether or not it or not.

You fats ass spiritual leaders must get out of your bunkers and put your “figuring out” on the road. Do not stroll amongst your folks providing blessings and preaching to the choirs. Stroll amongst your enemies and be taught from them. Do not inform them what you suppose. Ask them what they suppose after which share what you suppose after which remind one another of the “we’re all one” factor. Do not take a gun and do not use bodyguards. Have slightly religion in your message of constructive consciousness. In the event you die, we’ll get another person who does not piss off the plenty as a lot and may talk higher. Or if you’re actually nervous about it, you possibly can ship somebody who has not been such a butthead previously and enjoys the flexibility to show reconciliation the place you evidently may solely stir the pot for Jesus, YHVH or Allah.

We’re all ONE people. Proper all the way down to the atoms in our our bodies that we now have shared with stars, dinosaurs, Neanderthals and the Princess of Wales. Glad to say that the atoms of the leaders of the Axis of Evil and the Decider have blended too and shared the one, so your “us vs. them” mentality is bogus. They’re us and also you is them.

Smultsy I do know however IF there may be ever to be peace on earth, it actually does have to start with Me and You and Us and Them. Not so completely different really. All one and the identical a part of the one identical factor within the universe that’s giving our restricted 5 sensed, carbon based mostly wetsuit incased consciousness an opportunity to be taught from all of it and continue to grow in direction of one thing that’s for everybody and never the chosen few. Add a couple of hundred extra methods of seeing than we now have and remove all of the filters we now have put in to not see what we do not wish to see and it might be fairly an expertise.

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