Medication Ball Ab Exercise

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Medication balls are nice instruments to strengthen and tone your abs and core. They’re cheap and are available in a wide range of weights and types. With the right approach you may sculpt agency and horny abdominals!

Standing Russian Twist

1. Beginning place: Stand with ft hip-width aside.

2. Maintain drugs ball with each fingers and arms solely barely bent.

3. Swing ball over to the correct hip and forcefully swing ball ahead and round in direction of the left facet.

4. Reverse again in the wrong way.

*Maintain the hips pointed straight forward and abdomen drawn in to maximise correct utilization of muscle.

Determine 8

1. Beginning Place: Maintain drugs ball along with your arms prolonged over your proper shoulder.

2. In a single movement convey the ball down in entrance of you want you might be chopping wooden. The ball ought to finish in direction of your left foot.

3. Stand again up and lift the ball straight up over your left shoulder. Carry the ball down in direction of your proper foot. 

4. Return to beginning place and repeat.

*You’ll have to bend your knees to finish the right movement.

Medication Ball Obliques

1. Beginning Place: Lay flat in your again and lift your legs at 90 levels along with your knees bent. 

2. Holding a drugs ball between your knees, rotate your legs to your facet after which return to the beginning place.

3. Repeat to the opposite facet.


1. Beginning place: Lay flat in your again with knees bent, each fingers behind head. Maintain elbows again and out of sight. Head needs to be in a impartial place with an area between chin and chest.

2. Lifting your chin and chest in direction of the ceiling, contract your abs and lift shoulders off the ground. Prolong arms and likewise increase your legs up towards ceiling.

3. Return to begin place.

*Bear in mind to maintain head and again in a impartial place. Hyperextension or flexion might trigger harm. To extend resistance, maintain drugs ball in fingers. To lower resistance, place hand nearer in direction of physique

Reverse Crunch

1. Beginning place: Lay flat in your again with hips flexed at 90 levels – ft in air holding onto a drugs ball along with your knees. Place arms at sides with palms down on flooring.

2. Maintaining heels in direction of the ceiling, increase your glutes (butt) off the ground.

3. Return to begin place.

*Bear in mind to maintain your legs from swinging to forestall utilizing momentum all through the train.

Begin off gradual and do not overestimate your skills and injure your self. Stick to a weight that does not trigger you to pressure your midsection. And when doubtful, ask a private coach for assist!

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